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* the big wild goose pagoda -- -- -- -- the Huaqing Hot Spring Terracotta Army Mount Li

The 1 Terracotta Army is the second wonders of the world, as Qin Shihuang's funerary figurines has been everybody loves tourist attractions.

2 Changan "Mount Li night scene, " Mount Li is the Xi'an east hill, beautiful scenery, rich cultural atmosphere.

3 Huaqing Hot Spring is the Tang Dynasty Imperial Beach, is Li Longji and Yang Yuhuan's love of resort, is a famous love witness.

The Banpo Museum has 4, recording the of every little bit, is worth looking at the cultural classics.

* the big wild goose pagoda Chinese Museum -- -- -- -- Famen Temple Qianling Tomb of Prince Edward Itoku

1 Yide Prince Li Zhongrun, is Tang Zhongzong Li Xian's eldest son. Tomb of Prince Edward Itoku, located in Qianxian County, is the burial tomb of Qianling mausoleum.

2 Qianling mausoleum, is China and the world, the one and only one two emperors, a couple in the mausoleum of emperor.

3 Wu Di in Western Han Dynasty Han Mao mausoleum, is the tomb of Liu Che. Located in Xi'an City, 40 km northwest of Xingping city.

4 Famen Temple is located in the China Shaanxi Baoji Fufeng County, ten km north of Famen town. That was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty emperor eleven years ( AD 68 years ), Zhou Wei was formerly also called " Ashoka temple ".

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